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Become a Dealer

Get access to the best training, products, and support from a partner that's been leading the solar industry for over 35 years.


With the growing demand for solar thermal across our Nation AET is always looking to increase our reach through out dealer programs。  We understand one shoe doesn’t fit all and as such have developed individualized programs to meet the needs of your company。  Whether your are interested in being an AET authorized Installer/Contractor, Dealer, Distributor or Private Labeler we have a program for you。

Please complete the form and AET will have one of our customer service representatives contact you。

When partnering with AET, you will gain:

The industry's leading solar thermal products

  • High Efficiency you can only get from the patented Thermafin absorber

  • The industry's leading, SRCC certified systems and collectors

  • Low pricing and product customization you can only get from an original manufacturer

  • Products that are 100% Made in America, fully compliant with the ARRA

The industry's leading dealer training program

  • Bringing AET dealers the best installation training in the industry with National Solar Trainers.

  • Instructors with over 30 years of experience and over 5000 installed systems.

  • Get a chance to install a system yourself in the best fundamentals, design, and installation course in the industry.

  • Know the proven skills to build a successful business and close jobs with business development, sales & marketing training.

Marketing support rivaling most solar franchises

  • Professional marketing is key to establishing yourself as a trusted company. We offer everything you need to portray some of the most trusted brands in the industry: AET and EagleSun

  • Extensive marketing options:

    • Homeowner Friendly Brochures

    • Homeowner Friendly Website That Acts as a Sales Presentation

    • Dealer Listing on Site to Build Your Installation Leads

    • Presentation Materials

    • Exhibit Materials

    • Banners

    • Flyers, etc.
  • 5 Year Parts & Labor Warranty on all Systems purchased

  • Similar marketing support materials from solar franchises would cost over 30,000 dollars.

The ability to offer your customers solar for no money down

  • By finding a good financing partner in your area, such as a credit union, or contacting GE Money or Wells Fargo, you can sign up to offer competitive rates and low monthly payments to sell the system to the homeowner as a payment instead of a lump sum. Provides ROI and monthly payment to be comparable to keep them from spending money out of pocket.

  • Offer customers financing for no money down, usually with loan payments that are less than the money saved by the system.

  • Your customer won't have to pay out of pocket and therefore can experience solar's immediate savings.

Everything you need for commercial and government jobs

  • Fully made in America, making AET collectors completely ARRA and stimulus funding compliant.

  • Custom sized collectors to perfectly fit your commercial job.

If you would like to be a part of this winning, proven program to bring solar to your community please contact Sean O'Hara, toll-free at 800-874-2190 or by email to


Become A Dealer

Get Referrals and the Nation's Best Training program to get you going and installing.

We promise to protect your privacy.

Training Program

  • Over 30 years of experience
  • Training over 3000 students
  • Over 5000 installed systems

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