By AET Solar on August 28, 2019

Green Cove Springs, Florida: Walking through the 60,000 square foot solar manufacturing facility in Green Cove Springs, Florida, CEO, Tara Byrom Prieto, sees a sunny future for AET, the company her late father founded 34 years ago。 Her legendary solar pioneer father, Billy Byrom, built a strong product and impressive off grid manufacturing plant during his 44 years of business in the solar thermal industry。

With the unfortunate passing of Billy in September 2018, Tara quickly stepped up with her 15 years’ experience in the industry, and accepted the opportunity to manage the team as the second-generation CEO。 Under her leadership over the past 12 months, the company has been undergoing a steady upgrade of operations and products through efficiency and innovation。

上海快3开奖Tara shares her father’s passion for the consumer, and brings a new vision to the proven, mature technology and industry. “The efficiency and return on investment for solar hot water products are far greater than solar photovoltaic (PV) and should be installed before PV in all-electric homes. The typical payback of a solar thermal system is 5-7 years, whereas solar PV can be as long as 15-20 years,” says Prieto. Focusing on the future and awareness for the solar thermal industry, Tara is engaging new markets and professionals to educate the country. As she fervently states, “one solar thermal system can generate the equivalent output of about 6-9 PV panels, so you can offset a lot more carbon-based energy with much less roof space for a larger impact on energy bills.”

AET is currently implementing its aggressive plan for growth along with technical innovations to be unveiled soon by its local team and over 800 dealers and partners worldwide. This is an exciting time for our company and the community creating a high level of consumer engagement and benefit to all.

Stay tuned for new partnership announcements, new products, cost reductions through innovative design changes, and simplified solutions for the solar thermal market.

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Alternate Energy Technologies (AET), issues how-to tips for local businesses looking to safeguard their foreign market leads and current business ventures

By AET Solar on May 30, 2014

Alternate Energy Technologies, a leading manufacturer of solar thermal energy systems for residential homes and businesses, offers how-to tips for local businesses involved with the export marketing business and associated foreign economies.

Export-Import Bank Logo

Oftentimes, as with the type of business associated with AET, many businesses like those in Florida may find that to pursue. For AET, targeting these types of leads did, in fact, prove profitable: its first business sale in Jamaica has since translated to more than $12 million in exported solar thermal energy systems.

Unfortunately, foreign markets and sales for AET are recently being put in jeopardy with the criticism and fight that has assisted AET in providing credit, financing, and insurance for partnerships overseas。 As part of the assistance AET has received from the Export-Import Bank, AET has been able to expand, hire more staff, and vastly strengthen local operations in the home base of Florida。

Without question, AET has remained on guard and is concerned about the nature of their business, and is now issuing how-to tips for businesses in a similar situation:

• As your mother always said, be prepared: Plan for the worst case scenario by preparing revised, projected financial goals. Should business have to be shut down overseas, what might a business lose? How can it compensate for a loss of sales?

Be educated and stay on top of the news: Gather materials for alternative outlets. If the Export-Import Bank is shut down, what other options are there? Pooling together resources is ideal, and banding together as a community will help to ensure local jobs stay safe and intact.

Conduct research and be vocal: Who are the critics? How can one voice complaints and support? Finding both opposing and supporting outlets is ideal.

We want to help local businesses in our same position that might be in jeopardy of steady outsourced revenue. For us, a loss of $12 million is not something to scoff at,” said , Executive Vice President of AET Solar. “In fact, it’s going to mean a lot of layoffs for our fellow folks within the Sunshine State. We’re proponents of Congress supporting and reauthorizing the Ex-Im Bank.”

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About Alternate Energy Technologies, LLC
AET manufactures solar thermal collectors, solar pool heating panels, water heating systems with tanks, pumps, controls, and other system components. AET is a pre-approved federal vendor and works with government entities, and is an Energy Star rated appliance. It also works with vendors to offer engineering and permitting assistance as well as financing options, and has more than 35 years of experience as a trusted industry name.

For more information about Alternate Energy Technologies (AET) Solar, please visit http://www.zhshgz.com.

Green Cove Springs Solar Company Plans to Hire 100 People

By AET Solar on March 22, 2012

SOURCE: Jacksonville Business Journal by Sarah Mueller, Reporter

is gearing up to add 80 to 110 jobs in the next 18 months, a company executive said。

The company built a $3。5 million 60,000 square-foot manufacturing facility in Green Cove Springs in July 2011 where it manufacturers solar thermal collectors for use in solar water heating applications。

The company is retooling and adding equipment to its existing fabrication facility to boost production and increase volume, said , executive vice president of AET.

The solar manufacturer expects to build a new plant in the next 12 to 18 months, but it could come sooner, East said。 The company is looking for financing, including grant funding。

“The demand is there,” East said.

AET Dealer Installs One of the State’s Largest Residential Solar Hot Water Systems

By AET Solar on March 14, 2012

For Immediate Release:
Thursday, March 8, 2012

Christopher Hoffman
(203) 464-3079
Aegis Solar Energy President and CEO Chris Lenda
(203) 208-1856


Aegis Solar Energy of Branford today announced completion of one of the state’s largest residential solar hot water systems, serving 252 residential apartments in 14 buildings at the Windham Heights housing complex in Willimantic.

The $672,000 system installed by Aegis will provide more than 30 percent of the buildings’ hot water needs, saving a projected 12,500 gallons of oil a year。 A federal grant administered by the state paid more the half the project’s cost。

Aegis Solar Energy, one of the state’s oldest solar companies, installs residential and commercial solar hot water and photovoltaic systems. Since 1989, the company has put in place more than 400 solar generation systems.

Aegis President and CEO Chris Lenda said, “We are proud of this project, one of the biggest residential solar hot water systems in Connecticut. This system will cut the owners’ energy costs and reduce greenhouse gases. We commend Vesta for being a leader in the solar energy field. This installation showcases Aegis’ capabilities and technical expertise. We are committed to providing Connecticut businesses with the most efficient and reliable solar energy systems the industry has to offer.”

State Senate President Pro Tempore Donald E。 Williams Jr。, D-Brooklyn, praised the project。

“This solar hot water system will help Windham Heights save on their energy expenses and cut their reliance on fossil fuels,” said Sen。 Williams。 “The investment of Clean Energy Funds made here at Windham Heights represents another step toward making Connecticut energy independent。”

上海快3开奖Joshua Greenblatt of Vesta Corporation, owner and manager of Windham Heights, said that his company chose Aegis because of its long experience and expertise in solar installation。

“After a thorough search, we found that Aegis was a worthy partner for this initiative,” Greenblatt said. “This was Vesta’s first project of its kind, and we have been very pleased with Aegis’ workmanship and technical expertise. We look forward to working with them in the future.”

A $453,000 federal subsidy provided by the 2009 American Recovery Act, better known as the federal stimulus law, helped pay for the system. The money was awarded through the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund, which has since been folded into the new Clean Energy Finance and Investment Authority (CEFIA). Vesta will also be able to claim a substantial federal tax credit.

“With the funding support made available through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), the solar thermal installations at Windham Heights (with both collectors and tanks made in the U。S。) will offset over 30% of the domestic hot water needs in 14 affordable housing buildings,” said Bill Colonis, CEFIA solar thermal project manager。 “These collectors will not only significantly reduce dependence on fossil fuel, but will also stabilize their hot water costs long-term。 “

The system uses 12 solar thermal panels on each rooftop. Fluid is pumped through the panels and then travels into the buildings’ basements to twin 120-gallon water tanks. A heat exchanger uses the hot fluid to heat water. The fluid is then pumped back to the roof for reheating.

The thermal panels are American-made, produced by Alternative Energy Technologies of Jacksonville, Fl.

The system is maintenance-free save replacement of fluid once every 10 to 15 years and has a projected life of 30 to 40 years。 Installation began in November and was completed at the end of February。

For more information on Aegis Solar Energy, its products and generous federal and state subsidies for residential and commercial solar energy, call (203) 208-1856 or visit the company website at 。


AET is Recognized as Manufacturer of the Year

By AET Solar on


Alternate Energy Technologies (AET) is recognized as Manufacturer of the Year by First Coast Manufacturing

Jacksonville, FL – On Tuesday February 21st the First Coast Manufacturers Association (FCMA) announced the winners of its 2011 “Excellence In Manufacturing” awards at a special luncheon at the University of North Florida, with Alternate Energy Technologies having been nominated for the Economic Impact award and winning the “Manufacturer of the Year” for small manufacturers.

The First Coast Manufacturers Association is a non-profit trade association serving Northeast Florida. There are over 1,500 manufacturing companies on the First Coast, supplying over 30,000 jobs and generating nearly 15% of the total gross regional product.

About AET

Alternate Energy Technologies (AET) is the largest U.S. manufacturer of solar thermal equipment and has been in operation in the State of Florida uninterrupted since 1975. Today AET proudly owns and operates THERMAFINTM Manufacturing, originally founded in 1979.  THERMAFINTM has the distinction of producing the world’s finest and most efficient solar thermal absorbers plates and fin tubes.  Its reputation for excellence is based on its exclusive, durable high frequency forge welding process and superior performance of its proprietary Crystal ClearTM Selective Coating.

About The Technology

Solar water heating systems capture the sun’s radiant energy to provide a portion of the water heating requirements for residential and commercial customers, reducing the quantity of natural gas or electricity that is used to heat water. Solar water heating is a proven technology dating back thousands of years and boasts efficiencies that are unmatched within the solar market. Solar thermal is also the most cost effective least capital intensive renewable technology available

Green Potential

In 2006 water heaters accounted for 15% of residential energy use in the United States, consuming 111 billion kWh of electricity, over one trillion cubic feet of natural gas, 725 million gallons of fuel oil, and 700 million gallons of liquefied petroleum gas.

Conservative projections of large scale solar thermal integration predict annual carbon based fuel and CO2 emissions reductions between 2 and 4%。 This would equate to annual power production greater than 190,000 GW。

Contact Info

For more information please refer to our websites

Welcome to AET’s Message Board. This space allows our dealers and distributors to communicate their successes and to gain technical support and insight from others in the thermal field.

By AET Solar Blog Admin on May 16, 2011

AET is proud to announce the completion of our 66,000sqft brand new manufacturing facility located in Green Cove Springs, FL  We attribute our success to the support and loyalty of our Dealer and Distributor network。  AET’s manufacturing capabilities are substantially increased as a result of the new facility。  Therefore, we are in a position to offer continued support to you as we experience exponential growth in the solar thermal industry。

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