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Alternate Energy Technologies (AET) has been committed to the advancement of solar thermal technologies since 1975.  We are the technological leaders in solar thermal collector manufacturing and services in full compliance with all ARRA funding and Made in America requirements. As a U.S. manufacturer we strive to and reduce our dependency on fossil fuels.  We are a pre-approved vendor with an excellent history, which is uncommon in this industry.

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AET is the United States’ best, experienced and largest manufacturers and employers in the solar thermal industry.   We manufacture “flat plate”collectors that harness clean, efficient, renewable solar energy to be used in water and space heating applications, residential and commercial . We heat ground water to 140°F - it is that simple. Solar thermal is the most cost effective and efficient way to heat water. We have done every job imaginable from record breaking to basic home installationWe also do pool heating.  Most notably a record setting job at Naval Air Station Jacksonville through the Department of Energy saving the federal government over $100,000 annually in heating costs for a survival training pool and gym. 

AET is experienced in the federal arena and we look forward to the opportunity of helping the government meet its energy reduction goals. For example, the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 specifies that all new and significantly renovated Federal Buildings get 30% of their hot water from solar thermal.  Also, H.R 1 ARRA Section 1554 requires the government to spend Stimulus monies under fixed-price contracts as much as possible.   Because of our contracting mechanisms in place, we fully conform to various government rules and regulations and can streamline the acquisition process for our buyers. 

Substitutes at a glance: As energy demands worldwide continue to rise, AET is committed to reducing our dependency on nonrenewable resources. Since water heating can account for 14%-25% of energy consumed in homes, second only to heating and cooling, using solar thermal technologies can reduce energy consumption across the country significantly. Solar thermal is by far the most efficient way to heat water over typical substitutes to include natural gas, tankless water heaters and Photovoltaic (PV) systems. Solar thermal panels are from 60%-80% efficient, which means that heating water from solar thermal is about 65% more efficient than commercial PV systems. In the case of tankless water heaters, up front costs, maintenance and upgrading electrical systems are high and most can’t deliver hot water fast enough for consumer satisfaction. 

Natural gas heating may be somewhat cheaper in terms of dollars but expensive in terms of costs to society in the form of clean-up costs and national security as we continue to be dependent on fossil fuels. It is clear that solar thermal should be incorporated into any energy efficient design/build project from the start for maximum efficiencies by design. 

Benefits to the Government

Our Products and Services are unique and unavailable from other sources:

Sole provider of trademarked Crystal Clear™ Selective Coating

  • Non-toxic

  • Provides maximum solar radiation absorption and performance

  • Absorptivity 96% and Emissivity of 8% on fins and absorber plate

Sole manufacturer
of Thermafin components for inclusion in other OEM assembled collectors

  • High frequency, forge welded seams

  • Bonded at a molecular level

  • Increased strength, durability and heat transfer

Sole provider
 of high value goods and services established as industry standard

  • Our products are designed for a 30-50 year design life

  • Our technology is not new; been in use since 1975

  • Wind load tested to 102 psf and certified at 51 psf-the highest in the industry

  • Warranties amongst the best, most comprehensive in the business
    • 30-year warranty on the ‘forge weld’ process used in fintube manufacturing-the longest in the industry
    • 10-year warranty on solar thermal collectors
    • 10-year warranty on major components of our stainless steel drainback system

上海快3开奖With high value and unique products, our credentials include:


  • SRCC OG100 collector certification

  • SRCC OG300 system certification

  • FSEC collector & system certification

  • Energy Star rated

Pre approved vendor with a long-term fixed price contract

  • High value provider

  • Prices determined to be fair and reasonable

  • Competition requirements have been met (FAR 6.102 (d)(3))

  • Capacity to perform

  • No Commerce Business Daily (CBD) synopsis requirements

  • FAR Part 19 subcontracting plans have been met

  • All applicable regulations apply (FAR 19.502.1)

  • Flexible purchasing options; BPA

With all of our technology and products coming from within the Unites States, AET is the largest 100% American company that is compliant with environmental and socio economic laws and regulations。 We  focus on making America a better place。 With our workforce development program, we create ‘green jobs’ and promote economic development。 We are an American Company supporting America。


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An AET Solar Hot Water System uses heat from the sun to provide a clean, renewable energy source that will supply comfortable, reliable, hot water... without the financial or environmental costs of traditional water heating.

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