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Water Circulator Pumps, AC & DC Pumps

AC Pumps

Taco "00"Pumps

AET offers wet rotor circulators as the standard for its solar water heating systems. Designed to meet most water circulation applications, Taco pumps include a removable cartridge, containing all of the pumps moving parts and is easily serviced without having to replace the entire pump.

Grundfos Pumps

DC Pumps

March Pumps

The March hot water hydronic pump is a non-self priming unit built to handle liquid transfer in heating and cooling operations using DC power, operated by a PV panel. Applications include home heating systems, solar heating systems, heat recovery systems and re-circulating water in domestic and commercial hot water tanks.
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The controller is the heart of the solar thermal system。 AET offers a standard controller supplied by Goldline and our own exclusive EagleSun Monitor and EagleSun Energy Meter。

The EagleSun DTC-ES-1 is designed to provide maximum efficiency and flexibility in regulating solar thermal systems. With unique features, such as a variable speed drive and data transmitting, the DTC is one of the most advanced controllers available in the market today. Because it is provided by Alternate Energy Technologies, LLC., the largest solar thermal flat plate manufacturer in the country, today’s innovative solar thermal industry can rely on its affordability, durability and reliability.

  • UL Listed
  • LCD Display with Backlight for Low-light Conditions
  • Data Transmitting to PC via RS-232
  • Pump Speed and Time Setting
  • Integral Variable Speed Drive
  • Adjustable Differential Temperature Settings
  • Holiday/Vacation Feature
  • BTU Calculation (Flow Sensor Required)
  • Four Temperature Sensor Ports
  • Pump, Upper Limit, and Fault LED Light Indicators

EagleSun Monitor Specifications

GL-30 Controller

The Goldline GL-30 Differential Temperature Control is designed to provide maximum operating and flexibility to effectively manage today’s innovative solar energy systems. The GL -30 is capable of handling most differential temperature control functions for operation of domestic water heating and sophisticated space heating and cooling. It is especially well suited for Antifreeze, Drainback and Re-circulate type solar heating systems.


PV Module

SunWize OEM modules deliver top-quality performance for all photovoltaic applications including rural electrification, water pumping, telemetry, communications, and general battery charging.
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