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Residential Solar Applications

Fight Back Against Rising Energy Costs
Own A Lifetime Of Free Hot Water With Your Own Solar Hot Water System

Sunlight can provide an endless supply of free energy for your hot water needs year-round. In fact, more solar energy hits the earth in one hour than all of humanity can consume in a year.

Protect yourself against ever-rising energy costs by investing in a solar hot water heating system that you can own outright—never paying for hot water again.

With immediate energy cost savings up to 38% and pay back periods from only 3-5 years, you can own a lifetime of free water。 Plus, with AET’s time-tested solar hot water systems exhibiting lifespans of 30-50 years, you’ll recoup your investment and save thousands of dollars in hot water heating costs。

Additionally, AET Solar Hot Water Heating Systems are:

  • Eco Friendly. On average, domestic water heating accounts for over 30% of CO2 emissions from the typical American home. By installing a solar thermal heating system, the average family can greatly reduce the CO2 footprint of their home.

  • Affordable. Solar hot water systems are more cost effective than Solar Electric.. Because solar thermal systems use the sun to heat water, it makes it more efficient. You will also see an immediate reduction in your energy bill up to as much as 38%, depending on how much hot water you use.  

  • Maintenance Free. Our maintenance free system lets you enjoy the benefits of solar thermal heating without all worries of dangerous chemicals, overheating, freezing or mechanical parts that quickly fail. AET’s system is toxic free, using only water, in a proprietary technology that prevents freezing and overheating.  Just “set it” and “forget it.” Plus, a back-up heating source ensures you’ll always have hot water even during in climate weather or electrical outages.

  • Qualified for Tax Incentives and Credits. There are multiple Federal and State tax incentive plans. Some local utility companies even provide incentives, essentially paying you to stop using their product.

  • Reliable and Durable. AET’s EagleSun solar thermal systems provide the highest quality, reliability and proven durability. With best in class technology, AET’s solar systems provide consistent water heating with some of the highest efficiencies in the industry.

  • The Most Efficient Product On The Market. Our Thermafin™ fintubes which heat the water in the collectors are the most efficient product on the market, and are backed by a 30-year guarantee, the longest in the business. Plus, we offer a 10-year warranty on our solar thermal collectors and a complete 5 year Parts & Labor warranty on all EagleSun Systems.

  • In Compliance With All Codes, Standards And Certifications. AET is  SRCC certified and conforms to all plumbing, electric and solar codes and standards. AET solar thermal systems are also wind tested to 102 psf.

  • 100% American Made & Manufactured. AET is the ONLY Made in America solar thermal system that is manufactured with American know how and completely 100% American ingenuity. We are the largest 100% American company that is compliant with environmental and socio economic laws and regulations. And we are America’s largest solar thermal manufacturer, creating green jobs and helping to reduce dependency on fossil fuels.

上海快3开奖AET has worked with solar thermal technologies since 1975 and have installed more than 100,000 residential and commercial systems。 For more information or your free quote, fill out the form on this page, or call 1-800-874-2190。 Or visit 。

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Longevity, Durability & Trustworthy

An EagleSun Solar Hot Water System uses heat from the sun to provide a clean, renewable energy source that will supply comfortable, reliable, hot water。。。 without the financial or environmental costs of traditional water heating。

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