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Solar Pool Heating

Solar Pool Heating Panels As a convenience to our Dealers and Distributors across the world, AET now includes a full line of EagleSun pool heating panels.  AET’s research proved our line of pool panels offers the best performance and durability in the market.  The EagleSun pool panel line meets the superior quality of the products that we manufacture.

    • Economical: When compared to heating your pool with other methods, solar heating can pay for itself in under 3 years.

    • Environmentally Safe: Solar Pool heaters use solar energy to provide a clean energy alternative to conventional heating sources that pollute the environment.

    • Maintenance Free: Once the panels are installed, you can relax in your warm pool without any additional maintenance or cost involved.

    • Quality: With up to 35% more polypropylene and UV stabilizers than any other manufacturer, EagleSun™ Pool Panels keep your pool heated longer and have a longer life expectancy.

    • Guarantee: EagleSun™ Products are backed by a comprehensive 10 Year Limited Lifetime Warranty to ensure years of enjoyment.

Group DiJoux partner Solar Rating and Certification Corporation Florida Solar Energy Certification Canadian Standards Association Group International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials


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